Hi Kiddies, I know that my prolonged silence has caused much unrest among you, my unbathed hordes of cyber-slaves, but Fear Not! Your beloved overlord has not met with some unseemly fate at the hands of an STD infested, humongoloid prostitute. No, instead my absence was the product of an epic journey that was forced upon my Scumdog brothers and me, a pilgrimage quite literally, to Hell and back. We have just put the finishing touches on our latest musical masterpiece (tentatively title ?Greetings From Hell?) that chronicles in unflinching detail every twist and turn of our harrowing ordeal. Our operatic odyssey began when we returned from our last tour to find our Antarctic stronghold under siege by the armies of Man. The combined forces of the nations of Earth managed to drive us underground where we found ourselves on the doorstep of Hades. The path that is portrayed in Dante?s ?Inferno? has changed drastically since medieval times, but I don?t want to spoil the story. Suffice it to say that our vacation in the netherworld culminates in a near apocalyptic confrontation with the fiery abyss?s landlord, Satan (or whatever he is calling himself these days). The complete conical will be available in CD form in September of this year. Shhhh, hush my children. Quit your wails of impatience. You won?t have to wait that long. In a few short days we will have a present for you, a tidbit to hold you over, a musical morsel before the banquet is served, a single, a cover of one of Alice Cooper?s timeless classics preformed in the inmistakable voice of GWAR. So start calling and e-mailing your local rock radio stations and begging, pleading, DEMANDING that they play GWAR?s version of ?School?s Out? tonight!!!! - Balsac

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